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Plumbing PVC Fitting 15MM/20MM/25MM Penyambung Paip PVC Socket, Elbow 90*, Elbow 45* Valve Socket, P/T Socket,Tee
Price RM0.95 - RM2.55
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Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 3 cm x 5 cm
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PVC Fitting/ PVC Connector- Socket/ Elbow/Tee- P/T Socket Elbow/ Valve Socket/ Plug/ End Cap/ Tank Connector/ U Clip

Plumbing - PVC Pipes & Pipe Fittings
PVC pipe and PVC fittings play important roles for home or industrial pipings. We must make sure that we placed the correct fittings in order to prevent any leakage or problems. But where can we get the actual size, manufacture compliant and promising quality that meets the requirement? You are at the right place with us.

We supply a full range of PVC pipe and pipe fittings, from basic to advance pipes and fittings throughout Malaysia.

Here is the list of PVC pipe and PVC fittings that are available for you:

PVC Pipe - Our PVC pipes tubes are built with high-quality materials and come in various sizes which meet your needs. Our PVC pipe (PVC Tube) complies with MS628, MS762, and JIS K 6741 (JIS standard), which is intended to be used for pressure application in cold water services. Check out the in product details view for PVC pipe sizes, specifications
PVC Elbow - We have the PVC elbow pipe with 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and Reducing Elbow Pipe
PVC Tee - also known as "T Joint Pipe". We have the Equal Tee, Reducing Tee, and 135 Degree Tee too!
PVC Flange
PVC End Cap & PVC Plug
PVC Jam Nut
PVC Pipe Socket - also known as "PVC Coupling" or "Coupling Pipe". Normal Pipe Socket and Reducing Pipe Socket (Pipe Reducer) with various sizes available.
PVC Valve - Compact Ball PVC Valve (Socket End & Threaded End), Check PVC Valve and Spring Foot PVC Valve available.
PVC Bush - Reducing Bush
PVC Connector - Boss Pipe Connector and V-Tank Pipe Connector
PVC Hose Fittings